How to get and use Free Bangladesh Mobile Recharge balance?


Here are steps to get and use the free recharge credit:


  1. Register with us, here is the link. Once you register you will get your free balance on your account. You will see it on Top Right corner of the page.

  2. Go to mobile recharge form, fill out the destination mobile number, select prepaid or post paid, and select the amount which match with your account balance, from the drop down list, click on recharge.

  3. Now system will ask you to verify your account if you have not done, Click on "Click Me" button, it will send SMS on your mobile in few second. Once you have the code on your mobile enter the code and click on Verify. This will take you to the confirmation page.

  4. On confirmation page click on “Use Account Balance”, this will submit the mobile recharge request. And you are done, you destination Bangladesh Mobile will be recharge/topup in few seconds.

You can check the recharge status under “MyAccount > Orders”. Click on “Orders” to refresh the Mobile recharge status.


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